The fact that you are reading this makes us excited at the prospect you’re considering Ether Tickets to facilitate the ticket sales of your event or for your venue!

You probably have questions and hopefully you will find out what you need below. If not drop us an email with your details to and we will respond ASAP to clarify.

If you are buying tickets or merchandise, then please refer to our Purchaser T&C’s.

Who are Ether Tickets Ltd.?

Ether Tickets Ltd. (or "Ether Tickets", "we", "us" and "our" in the context of these responses to FAQ's and our T&C's) is a tech start-up based in Bristol, UK with a vision to drive down the fees associated with buying music event tickets. Our company number is 10825236 and we were incorporated in England and Wales during June 2017.

If you sign up to our platform, we are agreeing to provide you with a service to facilitate the sale of tickets or merchandise to your purchasers. What are we signing ourselves up to by using your platform?

By signing up to using our platform you are agreeing to use the services provided to facilitate the sale of event tickets or merchandise to your purchasers. You are also agreeing to be bound to this list of T&C’S and FAQ’s.

There is the possibility that we can provide additional enhanced services, but these must be agreed in writing and may carry an additional cost if provided exclusively to you as a vendor. Do you create all the content and set things up for us?

Sadly, no this is not the service we provide long term, our platform is intended as a self-service platform. We are happy to help with your first event and provide guidance if you need it, but as part of the agreement you as a vendor take full responsibility for any content and using accurate information. For example:

How do you use the content we upload?

By uploading images and content to our site you take full responsibility and it is an expectation that you have the rights to that information. You are agreeing to permit us to display this content on your behalf, via our site and social media. You are also agreeing that we can use your name, trademarks and logos if necessary, to promote or market your event or venue.

If you upload images or goods with images that you do not have the rights to use or infringes on a Third Party’s intellectual property and it is displayed through our site, then you are liable for publishing that content, not Ether Tickets. Similarly, it is forbidden to upload any content which is deemed unlawful or obscene. If content of this nature is found it will be taken down, passed on to the appropriate authorities and your account deactivated.

We do a limited additional marketing for events or venue other than what we display on our site, we may choose an event for our “Gig of the week” where we let our community know of something that has sparked our interest or to help you boost sales. This gets promoted through our social media channels. This is done for free but is at Ether Tickets discretion to decide which events to promote in this way. If we do choose you event you are agreeing that we can use the existing content that you have uploaded to market in this way. What is our agreement as a Vendor with Purchasers?

You are committing to a contract to provide a purchaser access to your proposed event or provide them with the merchandise purchased through our site. This means that you are agreeing that you as a vendor have the necessary permission to make sales of these tickets or sale of merchandise. It also means that you agree that we can name you as the vendor making these items available when a purchaser is going through the process of buying tickets or merchandise. The contract is between you and the purchaser and you are liable for carrying out your obligations.

You are also agreeing that you will not provide any further T&C’s around ticket sales that conflict with our Purchaser T&C’s. You must abide by and are bound by our Purchaser T&C’s. Do Ether Tickets deal with queries and complaints from Purchasers?

We will do our best to help where we can and respond directly to your purchasers if they contact us about event details that we are aware of. However, this is still your responsibility as the vendor rather than Ether Tickets. If we get a large number of queries, we may ask that you update your event description to publish this information. What support do you offer at the event itself?

Tickets are sent out via email and require either printing or showing via a device screen at the venue itself.

We have a custom-made mobile app that we use to validate tickets at your venue, any tickets already used flag up as appropriate to state the ticket has already been redeemed . There is also the option to download/view the guestlist via the admin page as a backup.

While we are still growing, we try to provide onsite support for your first event within Bristol and at any one-off events where possible and we can where we are the primary ticket seller . Specifically, this means we will help validate tickets at the door and a member of our team will be available to help should any queries come up over the validity of the ticket and aim to resolve as soon as possible. Our staff will wear Ether Tickets branded t-shirts at the event, so they are easily spotted and by using our service you agree to this. If our staff encounter inappropriate verbal abuse or physical attack from venue staff or attendees, then we will not tolerate this behaviour and will look to seek legal advice and compensation. We do not provide event security as part of this support. What happens with the money from ticket sales?

You as the vendor are responsible for setting the price of tickets or merchandise. Ether Tickets collects the face value of the tickets on your behalf but is not the seller. You as the vendor remain the seller. We collect an additional transaction fee on top of the face value to help cover the charges imposed by payment providers and cover our operational costs. We clearly state what these charges are at the time of purchase.

Revenue from ticket sales will be paid to you when we have established that the event has taken place successfully and with no serious issues or complaints raised by attendees at the event. In other words, nothing deemed serious enough that may result in refunds needing to be issued. For example, health and safety at the event being neglected or the event information being unreasonably inaccurate in its description and being mis-sold (e.g. several acts not performing at the event, yet were advertised). If issues occur, then funds will only be released once an agreement is achieved and the issues resolved. This is in line with our “Purchaser T&C’s”, which state that we can refund purchasers individually (or all attendees) in full or in part at our discretion. Any money issued as refunds will not be included in the revenue from ticket sales and hence will not be passed on to you as the vendor.

If the event does go ahead successfully and there are no issues, we will action the payment of funds within one week of the event to your named bank account. If we are unable to pay the funds due to the wrong information provided (or is missing) you must claim the money within one year of the event taking place.

What happens with the money from merchandise?

Part of the money will go to the merchandise vendor we use to print and create the products; the remaining money is made up of whatever additional mark-up you decide to charge on top of the cost per item. You are responsible for making sure that any money owed to the people owning the rights to the artwork are paid as necessary (e.g. Bands/Artists). Our aggregated transaction fee will be clearly stated. Merchandise can only be bought in conjunction with a ticket.

For now, we will need to agree the sale of merchandise separately to the self-service platform so please contact us ( to find out more on how we can facilitate the sales of merchandise for you at your event.

All merchandise is collected at the venue at the time of the event by the purchaser. If a purchaser is unable to attend the event, and hence their goods we will arrange so that they receive their goods. Any returns due to faulty goods will be dealt with by us as in collaboration with our merchandise vendor.

The additional money from merchandise sales will be released at the same time as revenue from ticket sales.

What about Taxes?

All money payable to Ether Tickets if applicable include Value Added Tax (VAT). As a vendor you are responsible for registering and complying with the rules enforced by Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Any ticket prices you set must be inclusive of VAT and for merchandise we must agree a price that includes VAT that works with our supplier. By using our services, you are agreeing to adhere to these tax laws and that you will respond in a timely and complete manner should any queries or investigations arise.

What if I don’t fulfil this agreement?

We really hope that you won’t, as it will likely just cause problems for us both and we want to keep a healthy working relationship with vendors and customers to provide a great service. However, in the instance that this agreement is violated we may seek legal advice and compensation for any losses that Ether Tickets have incurred as a result. What else should I know?

We have the right to terminate this agreement and/or your account at any time without any notice. This is extremely unlikely if you are using appropriate or unlawful content. Any changes in the agreement itself will be sent to you seven days before the changes come into effect. If any sales are already in progress, then the new agreement will not apply.

We endeavour to use the latest and trusted technology to ensure our platform is always available and any changes that are rolled out are usually unnoticeable. We can and will make changes to the site when we feel fit to add new features and functionality to improve. However, if the platform should be down for any length of time due to a fault, we are not accountable for any losses in revenue from sales in that time.

If your event is unfortunate to not to sell enough tickets to turn a profit, Ether Tickets will not be accountable for any losses as a result. You are responsible for the marketing and promotion of the event and ultimately its success. If you wish to cancel the event due to slow ticket sales, you must let us know at least one week before the event so that we can issue refunds. Our fees are not refundable to purchasers.

Any emails or communication between Ether Tickets in separation to this agreement are strictly confidential and must not be shared in the public domain without our permission. By using our services, you are agreeing to this non-disclosure.

We use Third Parties to help build and provide the services we do (e.g. Cloud Services for hosting, accounting and marketing), by using our services you acknowledge this.

You must comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and must not share any information that you obtain about your purchasers with any Third Parties. Any attempt to do so will be a violation of GDPR rules.

All communication with us will be sent from unless being responded to directly by one of our team.

If any part in the agreement should be found to be not enforceable it will be deleted from the agreement, but the remainder will remain in effect.

This agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales and both you and Ether Tickets must adhere to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.