Purchaser T&C's/FAQ's


Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us and how this all works. Hopefully you will find the information you're looking for. We apologise for having to state the obvious but just to make sure we are clear...

The term "T&C's" means Terms and Conditions and "FAQ's" means Frequently Asked Questions. Ether Tickets Ltd. may alter the T&C's or FAQ's at any time and upload the revised information to this location (https://www.EtherTickets.com/TandCs), by continuing to use our service you are agreeing to the updated T&C's.

Now that bit is out the way, please feel free to browse or ask us a question!

Who are Ether Tickets Ltd.?

Ether Tickets Ltd. (or "Ether Tickets", "we", "us" and "our" in the context of these responses to FAQ's and our T&C's) is a tech start-up based in Bristol, UK with a vision to drive down the fees associated with buying music event tickets. Our company number is 10825236 and we were incorporated in England and Wales during June 2017.

Where are your T&C's?

We keep the most up to date version of our T&C's/FAQ's in this location (https://www.EtherTickets.com/TandCs), although if you are using our Chat Bot you should be able to ask for any specific information by just asking a question. We monitor this service to make sure we keep improving it and keep adding the questions asked the most.

What or who is a Purchaser?

If you are buying a ticket or merchandise (e.g. t-shirts) from our website or from one of our vendors using our website/API then you are a "Purchaser". It is you we are trying to help by driving down the cost of fees!

Who are your Payment Partners?

At the moment we use Stripe to facilitate our payments. They offered us the lowest cost solution for using Debit/Credit cards but still charge us a fee. We hope to use other methods of payment very soon to reduce the costs further. So follow us on social media or sign up to our mailing list to keep informed!

What is Personal Data and/or your Privacy policy?

"Personal Data" is information we directly hold about you and our "Privacy Policy" is our philosophy as to how we protect your data. We do store your info in a database. You can request to have all data we hold about you by emailing us at info@ethertickets.com including your phone number so we can call you to verify who you are before sending you the information but is basically what you can see in your account info when you log in. We strive to use the latest technology and encryption to make sure we keep personal data safe in line with the Data Protection Act introduced in 1998. We do not share your information with other companies unless we have to, the one caveat is we have to send a certain amount of detail onto our Payments Providers so that payment can be taken. We only sign you up to our mailing list if you specifically ask to do so, not just as part of using our services.

What is a Vendor or Third Party?

A "Vendor" or "Third Party" is a person or persons who have signed up and agreed to sell tickets and/or merchandise through one of our services or website. This may be a one off event organiser, a promoter or a venue. We only facilitate the sale of tickets or merchandise for these vendors as part of the agreement, so you will also need to check these vendors own T&C's or FAQ's to see if there are any additional things you need to know about the event itself (e.g. Age restrictions, Policy on alcohol).

What happens when I buy a ticket?

Once we have confirmed payment you will be sent an e-ticket for the event. This will have a QR code which when scanned at the venue will clear you for entry. It is worth knowing that until payment is received there is no contract between you and the vendor. Your e-ticket should be considered confirmation of the agreement when it arrives. Any attempt to redeem the ticket before arriving at the event venue will automatically invalidate your ticket and may mean you will not be able to gain entry. So please don't do it! Also, please do not get over excited and share pictures of your ticket online or on social media, it may mean someone will try and gain entry with a copy of your ticket and get in before you. If your ticket is already validated on arrival you will not be allowed in.

I accidently used the wrong email address when I bought a ticket or item, what do I do?

Don't panic, just drop us an email with the details and a contact number to (info@ethertickets.com) and we will try and sort it out.

What are my obligations as a purchaser?

We don't like to be bossy but we have a few things that you must agree to when using our website and services to buy tickets or merchandise:

Our Website Intellectual property Rights

We work pretty hard to create the Ether Tickets website and services, as do our vendors to create their own websites and content. We would love to share everything with you but we have to protect ourselves from imitations. By using our website you are agreeing that you will not copy, redistribute, repost, upload, re-licence, encode, translate, display or basically do anything else with our website content without our permission or that from the vendor if appropriate. Your agreement when using our website is restricted to browsing the websites and to make purchases only.

If you purchase any merchandise then you are restricted to using the item for your own personal and non-commercial use. You are bound to any copyright or trademarks owned by the vendor. Be warned, some merchandise may contain offensive, indecency or profanity that people may object to. We have to make sure we show a representation of what the merchandise looks like before purchase. Please make sure you check the representative image before purchasing. Ether Tickets will not take any responsibility for offense caused by browsing the website or facilitating the distributing of this merchandise and (most likely) we do not endorse or share in the same views as some of the merchandise portrays.

I feel my own Intellectual Property Rights have been infringed on the website, what do I do?

Please drop us an email to info@ethertickets.com with your name, phone number and explanation as to why you feel it has been infringed and we will contact you ASAP to discuss.

Does having a ticket guarantee my entry?

Although you may have a ticket there are some things to be aware of which may lead to you being refused entry. We want you to have a good time but in essence, if you behave reasonably then there shouldn't be a problem! However, for the naughty ones out there, please be aware of the following:

I haven't received my e-ticket yet, how long does it take?

Generally you should receive your ticket within a few minutes but please leave at least one hour before acting. If you have registered with our service, then you will be able to send yourself another copy of the ticket to the same email address as you entered when purchasing a ticket. If all else fails please contact us - info@ethertickets.com.

Someone was filming and taking photos of me at an event, are they allowed to do that?

It is most likely that it was an official photographer or camera operator and by buying a ticket you are agreeing to being filmed and photographed. Although, if you ask nicely they may agree to delete the image or footage. It is not allowed to film or photo without permission but inevitably some people use their smartphones. We and the vendor are unable to completely control this so our advice is if you see someone taking photos or filming, walk away and keep out of shot as best you can.

I've lost my e-ticket, what do I do?

If you signed up to our service then you will be able to re-send yourself the e-ticket. If you haven't then drop us an email to info@ethertickets.com before the event and we will ring you back to verify your information before we send the e-ticket again. We try to give on-site support for the events that we facilitate tickets for, so if you have lost your phone, it has run out of battery or you've lost your e-ticket print out we may be able to help you at the venue (if someone hasn't already used your ticket). However, it may take a while if there is a queue. If we are not there in a support capacity (likely an hour or two after the event has started) then it is simply no ticket, no entry... sorry.

I lost my phone, wallet, or some other personal possession at the event what do I do?

Unfortunately, we are unable to help you and can take no responsibility for your personal possessions at any of the events we facilitate ticket sales for. We know how annoying it is, so we really hope your stuff turns up. Obviously, it is worth ringing the vendor or the venue to to see if it was handed in.

What if an event is cancelled or rescheduled, do I get a refund?

If an event is rescheduled we will honour the ticket and it will be usable at the future event. If you are unable to attend we may be able to offer a refund but will depend on the vendor. We will always do our utmost to give you a refund if possible.

We give ticket refunds if an event is officially cancelled. We hope to do something smart with this in future so that the tickets can go back into the system at the same face value and reduce touting. Follow us on social media or sign up to our mailing list to keep informed

We do not give refunds on merchandise currently unless they are faulty. We will either replace with the same item or fully refund. If an event is cancelled and you were due to collect your items at the venue we will strive to make sure that you receive them through other means.

Are there any additional fees or taxes?

All taxes and fees are stated at the point of purchase if applicable. As you know we are driving the cost of fees down as much as we can!

I've had a problem with a payment who do I contact?

All payments currently are handled by our payment partners. However, email us first (info@ethertickets.com) and we will try and find out what happened from the logs and inform you of how to proceed.

If there is a technical issue, for example when a ticket was bought but in the process the event sold out and you were still charged yet did not receive an e-ticket within the hour (this shouldn't happen but we have to expect the unexpected!). Then we will either do our best to find an alternative form of entry (e.g. guest list) or give you a full refund (including any fees paid).

Who is responsible if someone fraudulently use my payment details via Ether Tickets website or services?

As much as we sympathise if someone manages to get access to and use your payment details we cannot take responsibility for this. We do not store payment information and our payment provider looks after this side of things. If we believe fraud is being committed we will send any details we have to the appropriate authorities and invalidate any tickets we think have been bought as a result.

I have a problem with a website that uses Ether Tickets services what do I do?

We cannot take any responsibility for vendors own websites in regards to content, accuracy or quality. If we are facilitating the ticket sales, this may either be through an embedded API that we provide or we may host the ticket page for the event. The vendor is responsible for putting all content and information on their ticket site even if using Ether Tickets services. It is best to contact the vendor directly if you have a problem with content or information on the site. If you have a problem actually purchasing a ticket then please contact us at info@ethertickets.com and we will see if we can help.

Why has my ticket been cancelled and I have been refunded but without any given reason?

We do retain the right to cancel a ticket and refund without a given reason. We hope to be as transparent as possible and the only times we would not be able to disclose a reason is likely to be due to legal reasons. We pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible but we have to cover ourselves as well.

I want to make a legal claim against Ether Tickets!

We are shocked if things have gotten so bad you feel the need to raise a legal claim against us. We try our best to offer the best service we can. We assume you have already tried to talk to us and that we have tried to rectify your issue.

However just so we are clear, if you raise a claim against us and it clearly states in the T&C's and FAQ's what our position is, we will look for compensation for any losses or damages as well as any legal fees as a result of making a claim against us.

Can I disclose confidential information?

If you are given any information in confidence it is not permitted to disclose that information without our consent. The only time this is acceptable is if as part of legal proceedings.or if sharing with advisors in a professional capacity. If your advisors then disclose confidential information this is the same as disclosing the information yourself and is not permitted.

What happens if a part of these T&C's/FAQ's are found to be invalid?

If any part of these T&C's should be found to be invalid through legal proceedings, then the remaining information and agreement continues to be valid and in effect.

How will you contact me if there are any updates on events?

Any updates on events or purchases including change in times, date or cancellation will be sent to the email address used when you went through the ticket purchasing process. However, if you used a payment provider that you have registered with using a different email address you may not get updates specifically on payments to the same email address.

How will you contact me regarding payments?

It is likely that we will contact you via the email you gave when purchasing a ticket but if you used a different email address to that used with Ether Tickets with one of our payments providers (e.g. Stripe). Then any email communication regarding payment will used the email address you used when you started using that provider.

Who has jurisdiction over these T&C's/FAQ's?

The courts of England have jurisdiction over these T&C's/FAQ's and the laws of England shall govern this agreement.